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Blue Fin Yachts is an independent and impartial organisation, not affiliated to any one paint company. After surveying the vessel our team carefully chose the materials dependant on the quality of the existing surfaces. We discuss with you the specific paint requirements and agree the optimum paint options and correct spraying techniques. To avoid variations, spray guns are calibrated to ensure that there is no variation on the wet film thickness and provide a perfect off-the-gun finish.

All preliminary work and the quality of the coatings are assessed and monitored throughout and objectively assessed after completion.  Comprehensive documentation, and agreed structure and decision-making is supplied to you throughout to confirm compliance of the contract.

Custom Finishes

If you require a customised finish Blue Fin is the company for you. Our team has over 25 years of experience in providing classic, modern, racing yachts, fade-outs and pearlescent customised finishes.

Our specialised team are un-matched in creating the perfect finish for you. We tailor our processes to fit your exact requirements by completing extensive initial research on the finish required and develop test panels in the chosen colour texture to suit your vessel.

Once the finish has been agreed we complete the work in an efficient and expert manner, ensuring correct budgeting and schedule up-keep to provide you with the ultimate finish on time and within budget.

Resurfacing & Polishing

Transforming old to new, our highly trained team expedite the rejuvenation and reinvigoration of old surfaces using our specialist in-house processes specific to Blue Fin. Initially we hand-sand all surfaces to understand the mapping of the substrate. Using minimal filler to save weight and wastage as well as ensuring a proficient final product, we use the optimum treatments to renovate any size vessel.


Resurfacing incudes a choice of finishes from Vinylester topcoat for mould tools to hard-wearing Polyurethane topcoats including satin or matt finishes.


Our specialist processes are based upon years of developing materials and techniques for each project and an array of protective polishes including polymer and ceramic coatings.

Monitored closely by certified Marine Coating Inspectors, we provide quality-assured best practice at every stage; our quality control is constant and all applications are inspection regulated.

Mould – Tool Surfacing

Blue Fin have developed a technical process that ensures we constantly produce high-grade surfaces suitable for plugs and mould tools. We pride ourselves on our ability to coat expensive mould tools within a short duration to meet the highest tooling requirements with minimal effect on neighbouring workers and production.

Used tools can also be repaired and resurfaced to upgrade quality and extend their useful life; both options can be carried out at our facility in Cornwall or on-site for larger projects.

Fairing & Shaping

The Blue Fin team use traditional hand fairing techniques from start to finish to promote the highest quality finishes. Each technical application is specification driven with our design team creating sympathetic shaping and refinishing to promote the chosen elements required.

Our expert team of over thirty highly trained staff apply the fairing compound in a minimal form to save weight and wastage. This is followed by hand-sanding to ensure minimal filler material is left on the vessel; guaranteeing the best possible finish every time.

Management Services

Project Management

At Blue Fin our Managing Director, Nick Barber and his team of professionals tailor each job to your needs applying their knowledge, skills and specialist techniques to execute each project effectively and efficiently. From initial planning to execution we monitor and control each and every aspect of the process.

As a prerequisite to all coating systems, we carry out detailed surveys to record the substrate fairness and all general requirements. All GRP mouldings included in the painted area will be post cured after initial preparation to reduce or eliminate any movement or shrinkage prior to coatings being applied. Data recorded from all post cure areas or components will be made available within our warranty documentation

From the outset we will work closely with you to ascertain a realistic progression of the coating application. As we are not affiliated to any one paint company, we research the right product for your specific job and use the coatings most suitable for you. Taking consideration of the structure and build method, as well as environmental factors, preparation methods and quality control, we also ensure precise scheduling to facilitate the ultimate finish for you.


Nick Barber, Managing Director of Blue Fin Yachts, has twenty five years of experience providing specialist coatings to the super yacht and marine industry whilst running his own successful company. As a Master Shipwright Nick and his experienced team provide professional and expert advice within any area of the highly specialised field of marine coatings. We can guide you on starting a new-build or the rejuvenation and regeneration of old vessels – anything that would affect your finished product. Including:

  • Quality Management
  • Project Management
  • Coating Inspection
  • Evaluation and Assessment Legislation
  • Documentation and Contract Regulations
  • Training Requirements & Effective Techniques
  • Health & Safety – Principles, Guidelines & Procedures
  • Environmental Factors & Factory Conditions
  • Recruitment